The games in Dignity W@rld are not just ‘simple’, each tells a story, says something about the people and the issues of the world. There are topics like active citizenship children rights, gender equality, homophobia, migration/refugees and racism. These words may sound strange, incomprehensible or boring, but it is important to know what is going on around us and there is no better way for this, than playing online games.

The project wants to build on the existing experience of these experts, that’s why we start game development with focus group talks in each country, to collect needs, suggestions, ideas. Also it is important that we have to provide help in using these new possibilities, that’s why we give advices, create lesson plans and provide background information for the topics. In first round we are focusing on experts living in the project partner’s countries and widen the spectre to other countries in the follow-up.

The innovation of the project is to create the possibility of self-directed online learning for young people with games and also to find the connection with the educational system and produce materials helping teachers and youth-workers in the use of the site.

Here you can download educational content about the games.

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